Land O Lakes Butter Spread with Olive Oil & Sea Salt Half Sticks - 8 CT

Land O Lakes® Butter Spread with Olive Oil & Sea Salt Half Sticks. Sweet cream. 8 half sticks = 1 lb. Simply enhance your favorite foods with the goodness of olive oil and sea salt. Only from Land O' Lakes, a convenient, pre-measured half-stick size that's individually wrapped to keep your butter tasting fresher longer. Only Land O Lakes® butter has the FlavorProtect® wrapper to keep other flavors out and the fresh taste you love in. Scan for immediate recipe ideas. Find easy and delicious recipes and tips at: Margherita pasta. Search at Measurements: 1 stick = 1/4 cup. 1 lb. = 2 cups. Butter with olive oil and sea salt, a gluten-free food. Made with pasteurized sweet cream. Where Simple Goodness Begins®. Satisfaction guaranteed. Your comments are important! Call 1-800-328-4155. Visit our web site at: ©2012 Land O' Lakes, Inc.