Land O Lakes Extra Creamy Salted Butter 4 ea

Whether you’re making a creamy sauce or flaky breakfast pastries, Land O Lakes Extra Creamy Salted Butter Sticks add that special touch when it matters. Enjoy the luxurious taste of butter made with two simple ingredients—sweet cream and salt. This Land O Lakes Extra Creamy Stick Butter is 82% milkfat for an even creamier European-style butter experience that raises the bar for cooking and baking. Use these sticks of butter in your favorite dinner recipes and baked goods, or warm them up to enjoy on bread for buttered toast. No matter how you use it, this extra creamy stick butter will take your cooking to a whole new level. Premeasured and ready-to-use, Land O Lakes Butter sticks are individually wrapped to keep them tasting delicious longer. You can enjoy this salted butter knowing that you are supporting farmer-owners in communities like yours across the country. Land O Lakes Extra Creamy Salted Butter — Eat It Like You Own It.