Malibu Mylk Flax Mylk, Organic, Unsweetened

3 g fiber. 1800+ mg Omega 3s per serving. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. Gluten, dairy & soy free. Nut free. Certified vegan. Keto & Paleo friendly. This product is Keto Certified. Certified Paleo. Non GMO Project verified. Fiber, Omega-3s + Prebiotics. Allergen-free. Carrageenan free. The Magic of Flax: Clean Sustainability: We were on the hunt for a product that was good for our bodies and our planet. After learning that a single almond requires over a gallon of water and that most plant-based mylks are filled with unnecessary, artificial ingredients and allergens,we were determined to create a great tasting, creamy alternative. Enter flax, a nutritious seed, farmed in North America. Flax is not irrigated, but flourishes on natural rainfall and flax is packed with nutrients that all end up in your glass. Benefits of ground flax seed We use whole, ground organic flaxseed in our recipe, which is for superior to using flax oil. The ground seed is full of fiber, omega-3's, protein and phytochemicals called lignans. Lignans demonstrate antioxidant activity that potentially protect your cells from the environment. Plus, the whole ground seed is easier to digest. Shake, Shake, Shake: The mylk is excellent in smoothies, cereal (it makes a mean oatmeal!), baking, coffee (it froths!), or just have a nice cold glass on its own. Remember, since our product is so natural, separation will occur. Give it a solid shake to get all the yummy nutrients and to bring it back together. - Brittany, Founder. (at)malibumylk. (hashtag)malibumylk. BigGreen: Real food grows here. We've partnered with Big Green, a notional non-profit, that is building a healthier future for kids by connecting them to real food through a nationwide network of Learning Gardens and food literacy programs. Their goal is to build 1000 Learning Gardens in underserved schools across the country by 2020 and we want to help make their dream a reality. Malibu Mylk is donating 1% of profits tech year to Big Green. Recyclable & BPA free.