Ethical Bean Fairtrade Organic Coffee Sweet Espresso Medium Dark Roast Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

Done right, espresso is the height of coffee drinking. Ethical Bean organic fair trade espresso whole coffee beans are roasted with restraint to a medium dark roast, blending the best notes of cocoa and sugar for a bold espresso. These organic whole coffee beans boast a multi-dimensional, full-bodied taste with a velvety texture that marries beautifully with milk. Our whole espresso coffee beans are perfect for pulling off the ultimate espresso shot at home; after grinding, all you need is an espresso maker or moka pot for a stand-up straight shot of organic fairtrade coffee. Just like our other whole bean coffee varieties, Ethical Bean uses only fairtrade, organic coffee beans. Every bag of whole bean organic, fairtrade coffee is better for farmers, their families, and the planet.