Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Chicken Makhani

White meat chicken in an Indian-style tomato sauce with a side of rice, almond slivers, peas & carrots. No preservatives. 7 g fat. 300 calories. 3 g fiber. Inspected for wholesomeness by the US Department of Agriculture. Chef's Pick: Culinary roundtable. Meet our Culinary Roundtable: We've invited some of the most accomplished chefs in the culinary world to bring their creative vision and style to the Lean Cuisine kitchen. Our new Culinary Roundtable is working with us to create exciting additions to our delicious collection of must-have dishes. It's all part of our continued collaboration with great chefs to bring the latest restaurant-inspired trends to your home. Look for the Chef's Pick label on the from of the Lean Cuisine package to get a taste of our favorite flavors. - Paul Kahan, Elizabeth Karmel, Lucien Vendome, Brad Farmerie, Pam Anderson, Curator, Michelle Bernstein, Lior Lev Sercarz. PointsPlus Value: 8.