Havana Club Anejo Clasico Puerto Rican Rum 50mL

HAVANA CLUB Anejo Blanco is a blend of finely crafted rums produced from a carefully controlled fermentation of sugar cane molasses and then distilled and aged in oak barrels for one year in the tropical climate of the Caribbean (untouched and undisturbed).s.  After the aged rums are blended together, the blend is aged again in oak barrels for a second period of at least two months for additional smoothness. HAVANA CLUB Anejo Blanco is a medium-bodied aged white rum with sweet notes reminiscent of tropical fruits (pineapple and banana) and floral notes layered with hints of vanilla and oak.  Its body is clean and well-rounded, providing an identifiable presence in any cocktail experience. Calidad Suprema Based on the original recipe created in Cuba 80 Proof