Humydry Moisture Absorber, Unscented

Effective in areas of up to 160 sq. ft 15 m2. 15.9 oz 450 g. Hanging Bag: Works to stop mildew, stains, bad odors, corrosion, etc. More practical and safer, easy to use. Moisture Absorber. Humydry moisture absorber hanging bag is specially developed for closets. Closets are reduced and poor ventilated spaces that remain closed most of the time and tend to condense humidity which created mold, mildew and musty odors. Humydry hanging bags helps to protect your fabrics, clothes and leather goods in the closet. Humydry crystals absorb excess moisture through the high technology material, until the recommended relative humidity level of 50-60%. Excessive is transformed into liquid and is collected in the bottom of the bag. (The liquid in the bottom of the bag might solidify due to abrupt changes in temperature. The product keeps working until the crystals are gone). Ideal for closets, RV & boats. 160 sq. ft. 15 m 2. Works without electricity. Lasts up to 1-3 months. Always leave enough space around your dehumidifier to allow air to circulate and prevent possible staining or damage. Made in Spain.