Gerber Graduates Fruit Pick-Ups Diced Mangoes

Gerber Graduates Fruit Pick-Ups Diced Mangoes Toddler. New! Learning to pick up. 1 1/2 servings of fruit*. Self-feed tray. In white grape juice from concentrate. Easy to self-feed tray. Wide tray opening makes it easy to pick up pieces. Designed to be stable on the table. Good food, goof life. Nestle. Good to remember. Easy to chew and swallow. Package made without the use of BPA. Good to know. Toddler guideline for fruit: 1 cup daily. This tray has over 1/4 cup of natural fruit towards your toddler's daily intake. Nothing but fruit, juice and Vitamin C. Good to connect. Scan to learn more about Start Healthy, Stay Healthy. Nutrition experts available 24/7. 1-800-4-GERBER. 1-800-511-6862. Nutritional Compass. Your child may be ready if she or he: Stands alone and begins to walk alone. Begins to use fork and spoon. Bites through a variety of textures. Made with mangoes from Mexico. *One fruit serving is 1/4 cup for toddlers. The Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Milestone Symbols are trademarks of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. 2012 Nestle.