French Market Coffee & Chicory, Dark Roast 12 oz

New Orleans Famous. Since 1890. Easy open can. The flavor of New Orleans - in a cup! Like the city of New Orleans, the French Market has a rich history. It has always been a center at commerce and sociability for the city's residents, attracting entrepreneurs, artists and more recently Jazz musicians playing lively music as locals and visitors shop. The French Market flourishes to this day because of the maple and products found there - including this coffee. Chicory is a unique ingredient that imparts a roasted and caramelized taste overlay to the traditional flavor of New Orleans coffee. Coffee and chicory is common throughout Europe, producing a stronger, darker, less bitter brew with less caffeine than pure coffee. In New Orleans, an old world city distinguished by its exceptional cuisine, French Market Coffee and Chicory is served in the finest restaurants. Explore our family of New Orleans Famous Coffees: dark roast; french roast; decaffeinated. Visit us at: