BUSH'S BEST Bold & Spicy Baked Beans

BUSH'S® BEST Bold & Spicy Baked Beans. Since 1908. Seasoned with Cilantro, Cumin, Bacon & Brown Sugar. 98% Fat free. High in fiber. 28 oz (1 lb 12 oz) 794 g. Baked beans with a spicy twist. Dear Friends, Our company, which was founded in 1908 by my great-grandfather, A.J. Bush, is proud to bring you this quality product. Our baked beans are made from a secret family recipe that's been passed down and closely guarded by generations of the Bush family. Bush's Baked Beans are slow cooked, using only the finest ingredients and the greatest of care, so that you can taste our secret family recipe in every bean. To use, that's more than a slogan... it's a promise, to bring the flavor of our family's table to yours... every time. Enjoy. Gluten free. Please recycle. Call: 1-800-590-3797. Please refer to code on end of can. Visit: www.bushbeans.com.