Sunsweet Dates Chopped

California grown. Rich & sweet. Good source of fiber. Dates are deliciously fat free. Dates are good source of fiber. Deliciously fat free. Full of rich flavor, who would have thought these plump, moist morsels are from the desert? They get their lusciousness from the majestic trees in California's sun-drenched Coachella Valley where we hand-pick each naturally sweetened fruit - pure desert decadence! California Chopped Dates: Variety is the spice of life and these guys do it all - add dates to your meat and poultry dishes, grains and salads, baked goods, or enjoy as a yummy everyday snack. For recipes and more great ways to enjoy Sunsweet Chopped Dates visit us online. For Questions or Comments Call: 1-800-417-2253, 9AM - 6PM EST, Mon-Fri. 1-3/4c. Fruits & Veggies: more matters. Please recycle. Product of USA.