Keto And Co Keto Cake Mix, Chocolate

1.8 g net carbs per serving (Nutritional panel reflects FDA required rounding). 24.2 g total carbs - 12.5 g fiber - 9.9 g erythritol = 1.8 g net carbs. Gluten free. Keto. Diabetic friendly. No sugar added. 94% less sugar than leading brands (Comparison based on 1 prepared serving of Ducan Hines Signature classic dark chocolate fudge cake mix from Ducan Hines Website, retrieved January 2019). Naturally sweetened. Made with Wondrose the healthy alternative to sugar. Makes 9 servings. Made with coconut. What is it? Delicious, rich chocolate cakes and cup cakes with just 1.8 g net carbs per serving. Easy to make and ready in just 30 minutes, the cake you crave without the guilt. Birthday? Party? Tonight's dessert? Celebrate with cake sweetened with wondrose, the healthy alternative sugar. (at)ketoandco. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.