Radius Floss Sachets, with Natural Xylitol, Cranberry

100% vegan. No glutens. No GMOs. Soft Floss Coated with Xylitol: Say goodbye to wasteful plastic flossers. Introducing 100% biodegradable stylish & convenient Radius Silk Floss Sachet Packs! Super soft, spongy floss for total tooth and gum protection. Coated with natural USA-sourced xylitol for aiding gum health. USA-grown unsweetened cranberry essence contains flavanoids and polyphenals whose anti-bacterial properties naturally help prevent gum disease (Dr. H. Koo. Caries Research, Univ. of Rochester Medical Center 2006) for the ultimate healthy, fresh, and clean mouth on-the-go! Sturdy, travel-safe packaging is 100% biodegradable. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, unnatural coloring, phthalates, parabens or other harmful additives. radiustoothbrush.com. 100% biodegradable packaging. Cruelty free. Made in Colombia.