Jones Cane Sugar Soda Cream Soda

With natural & artificial flavors. Your photo. Your soda. Your brand. Celebr8 your selfie. The Jones Family Celebrate Your Selfie: There's a million-bazillion Tom, Dick, and Harrys (insert your name here - you get the point) out there, but there's only one of you. So while you may see your name randomly plastered on a gimmicky bottle of the other stuff, there's only one place you might find your actual mug on a bottle. There's no one quite like you (and no one quite like us either!) Bust out your selfie stick and stick it to the name-sayers! Send us your selfies using your preferred social channel with (hashtag)jonesselfies today for a chance to be kinda famous! Send us your selfie. If we like it we will put it on our label! Name: Derek Dobbs. Photo No: 1419636. From: Irwing, TX. To customize your own Jones bottle visit Please recycle. Product of Canada.