REESE'S STUFFED WITH PIECES Big Cup Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Candy, 2.8 oz, King Size Pack

The classic peanut butter and milk chocolate combination is already a delicious treat but when bits of REESE'S PIECES candy fill the center of the cups, things get a whole lot yummier! These Big Cup chocolate candies have a crunchier inside thanks to the colorful candy-coated REESE'S PIECES sweets that fill the center. Individually wrapped REESE'S STUFFED WITH PIECES Big Cup candy milk chocolate peanut butter cups candies are also kosher certified. Packaged in a polka-dotted orange king-size pack, these REESE'S peanut butter candies are perfect for sharing with your best mates who need a pick-me-up or if you're celebrating a special event. Gift the peanut butter goodness of REESE'S treats and the crunchy goodness of REESE'S PIECES candies that are completely covered in creamy milk chocolate! Is your mouth watering yet? You may have to gift the entire pack to yourself too! They make great Easter basket stuffers, fun additions to your Christmas stockings, delicious Halloween candy bowl stuffer and are a sweet your loved one will enjoy on Valentine's Day.