Real Foods Corn Thins, Organic, Original

Popped corn cakes. Since 1980. The great taste of golden sun-ripened corn. USDA organic. GMO free. Contains no genetically modified ingredients. Australian certified organic. Fat free. 22 calories per slice. 10% dietary fiber. Gluten free. 26 slices (26 slices on average packed by weight). Real Foods is proud to be producing wholesome and natural products for people who enjoy great tasting real food. Real Foods Original Corn Thins are the best tasting wholegrain popped corn cakes you can buy. Made with a great recipe for maximum crunch and flavour, they taste sensational on their own or with any number of delicious toppings. Our Original Corn Thins are made simply by popping grains of organic corn under high temperature. Being fat free and all natural, Real Foods Corn Thins really are good for you. Delicious with grilled mushrooms, spinach and grated parmesan cheese. Baked sliced ham, Swiss cheese and honey mustard. Certified organic by Australian Certified Organic. Product of Australia.