SNICKERS Holiday Yard Bar Chocolate Christmas Full Size Candy Bars, 1.86 oz, 18 ct

Whoever said the best gifts come in small packages clearly hadn’t seen these insanely big SNICKERS chocolate candy yard bars. Each pack includes 18 NFL themed Full Size Bars - a whole yard of satisfaction. SNICKERS chocolate Christmas candy is made with roasted peanuts, creamy caramel, smooth nougat, and milk chocolate. Pick one up for a White Elephant exchange or leave it under the tree for that one person on your list who loves football. You can even sweeten up your favorite baked desserts with SNICKERS chocolate Christmas candy by topping cupcakes, brownies and cookies with a section or two. Wrap it along with your other Christmas gifts, or just add a festive bow and pop it under the tree. SNICKERS chocolate candy bars are a simply a delicious way to celebrate the holidays. If your recipient tears open the box after Christmas dinner, you don’t even have to make dessert--there will be plenty of chocolate to go around! Great for gift for him, this chocolate gift will fill even the biggest Bah Humbug with joy. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer candy gift to give a tasty treat this holiday season.